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CNC Cutting Machine

CNC “computer numerical control” What is a CNC machine? It is a subtractive manufacturing process that typically employs computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece.

CNC Machining process: Few steps will be used for CNC machining process completion:-
• History of CNC machining
• Overview of CNC machining process
• Types of CNC machining operations
• CNC machining equipment and components
• CNC machining materials
• CNC size considerations
• Alternatives to using a CNC machine

History of CNC Machining: Milling machines have been around since 19th century by Eli-Whitney inventor of the cotton gin, to help. Early milling machines move only in two dimensions, which limited their utility in 1861. Joseph Brown of Brown and Sharpe invented the third dimension. In the early 1950s, engineers started to use the numerical controls on the milling machines to make smoother cuts. In 1952, MIT developed a very complex milling ● machine that relied on punch tape for numerical input. Fortunately, the late 1950s and early 1960s saw the advent of the computer which reduced the time necessary for programming.

Overview of CNC Machine: CNC machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computerized controls to manipulate and operate the machines and cutting tools to shape stroke materials, for instance: metal, plastic, wood, foam, etc.; Into custom parts and designs. The Basic CNC machining process includes the following stages:
Designing the CAD model
Converting the CAD file into the CNC program
Preparing the CNC machine
Executing the machining operation
Types of CNC machining operations: CNC is a manufacturing process suitable for a wide variety of industries; i-e; automotive, aerospace, construction, agriculture and also able to produce a range of products such as automobile frames, surgical equipment, airplane engineers, gears, and hand and garden tools. Common mechanical CNC machining operations. Include Drilling, Milling and Turning.

Cone Type De-Coiler
Cone Type De-Coiler

CNC machining materials: The CNC machining materials includes two types of materials for the manufacturing: Plastic Metal
CNC size consideration: The wide range of capabilities and operations are offered by the CNC machining process helps it to find application in a variety of industries mentioned above and enables it to produce a range of products such as; hydraulic components, screws, and shafts. The versatility and customizability of the process, the manufacturing of some parts; Large and heavy components, present greater challenges than others.
Alternatives to using a CNC machine: Although CNC machining demonstrates advantages over other manufacturing processes it may not be appropriate for every manufacturing application and other processes prove more suitable and cost-effective.
CNC processes employ machine tools to produce the custom-designed part or product, its control can be integrated into a variety of machines. Other processes include ultrasonic machining, water jet cutting, and abrasive jet machining. Besides mechanical processes chemical, electrochemical, and thermal machining processes are also available.

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