Shelving & Racks in UAE

Racks in UAE

Al Afrah Group Steel Works LLC is a leading racking and shelving supplier in UAE. It offers Selective Racks in UAE, Drive-in, Mobile, Push Back Pallet, and Cantilever Racking Systems. The warehouse rack installation process is not typical if it is done through proper planning. Prior to installation, we give consultation to our customers to choose an appropriate storage racking system for their warehouses based on their available space and inventory they are going to store.

The installation process can be simple, only if you know how to do it. Rely on us, we are most experienced racking and shelving companies in Sharjah, UAE ensure you to complete your job done at the time and within your budget.

We install the following pallet racking systems:

1. Selective Racking

For warehouses, Selective Pallet Racking Systems is one of the most mutual types of racking structure. As compared to other, this is the cheapest style of racking per square meter.

2. Drive-In Racking

This Drive-in Pallet Racking System is based on the storage by buildup principle, which enables the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height.

3. Push Back Racking

In Push Back Pallet Racking, A pallet is loaded from the front side; it drives the pallet behindhand it back one position. The front pallet is removed when unloading and the rear pallets automatically come forward to the front picking position.

4. Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is ideal warehouse storage solution to store long and bulky stock like timber, pipes, steels bars, construction components etc..

5. Mobile Racking

By using the Mobile Pallet Racking System, the storage capacity significantly increases and become more compact without giving up direct access to any item in stock.

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