Sandwich Panel Manufacturing

sandwich panel manufacturing

Sandwich Panel Production

AL AFRAH GROUP, sandwich panel manufacturing have evolved as a particularly economical means of construction. The combined materials are always two skin layers (rigid metal facing material or flexible skins such as thin aluminum, paper or membranes, depending on the application) and a core insulating material.

There are basically two panel manufacturing technologies: continuous and discontinuous. In the continuous process, all the used materials are processed together, and the completely formed panel is cut to the desired length without stopping the line. In the discontinuous process, the materials are processed separately; this means the facings are formed and cut to the desired length and then assembled together in a press where the foam is injected.

Continuous panel production line

A typical continuous line is made up of the following three sections:

• external layers processing section

• insulating material processing section

• panels handling section

In a typical case of a sandwich panel with both exterior surfaces in sheet metal and an insulating core in polyurethane rigid foam, the first section starts with the sheet decoilers and continues with all the equipment for forming the two sheets into the desired shape. The panel could be a panel for walls or for roofs. Sandwich panels with flexible layers (aluminum, glass fiber sheets, asphalt paper) are not rollformed. Both surfaces of the final panels are entirely flat. The surfaces are pre-heated to the temperature required by the process (usually between 40 and 65 C) and then the insulating material is prepared.

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